The Juvenile Re-entry Assistance Program (JRAP) supports successful transition to the community by reducing barriers to public housing, employment, and/or educational opportunities for 16-24 year olds who are current public housing residnts or former household members of public housing residents.

High School Equivalency

  High School Equivalency/TASC preparation services are available to individuals who are legally signed out of school as well as adults looking for assistance preparing for testing. Make an appointment to schedule a pre-assessment and get tutoring to help achieve your educational goals.    

Access our Self-Study Website:

Women's Support Group

A weekly program designed to help women succeed through in depth discussions, various activities and providing resources. Topics covered include self-esteem, women empowerment, healthy living, relationships etc. 

Section 3

Section 3 provides access to job training and employment opportunities for Public Housing residents, and low income persons who live in the area of a HUD assisted project for housing or community development.  

Employer Partnerships

Working with employers, the WAGE Center can design training, work experience or employee retention programs with local employers. We have worked with behavioral health companies to hospitality and retail employers to design custom programs aimed at successful employment/training outcomes for both employers and employees. 

Computer Training

The WAGE Center offers computer training in Microsoft Office products, web-based email programs, and online job search techniques for job seekers. All activities are designed to increase computer literacy and assist with job searching in the digital age. 

Drop-In Employment Centers

Our drop in employment centers offer use of computers, scanning, faxing for job search purposes. Walk-in use is offered whenever the centers are open and appointments for employment counseling, case management, training and educational information are available by appointment. 

Case Management

Case management services assist Public Housing Authority and Housing Choice Voucher users, as well as other community residents with obstacles to employment, education or other personal goals. The holistic approach to an individual's needs in areas of housing, work, transportation, family and personal issues reflects the idea that all of these concerns are interrelated. 

Family Self Sufficiency

The Family Self-Sufficiency Program is a five-year voluntary program designed to assist Public Housing and Section 8 residents in achieving economic independence.